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Lana Wachowski on coming out as trans


Lana Wachowski on coming out as trans

Xtra reporter spurs public statement
Lana Wachowski, who is in town attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has spoken for the first time about why she decided to go public in a recent New Yorker article about her journey as a trans person. 
“I did feel some responsibility to the GLBT people and a lot of people had been asking me to be more public, but we love anonymity, we love our privacy,” she says. “We don’t really think celebrity does much to improve your life.

"We actually think it worsens you life. So, it was a big decision.”
Wachowski made the comments at a TIFF press conference for the premiere of her latest film, Cloud Atlas.
The film is co-directed by Wachowski’s brother Andy and Tom Tykwer and stars Halle Barry, Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant.  The Wachowski siblings are behind such films as The Matrix and Bound.
Below is a video clip of the news conference. 


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If the film isn’t “relevant,” the director is?
“Xtra staff,” what did you think of the movie?

You didn’t see it? You showed up solely to ask a transsexual about being a transsexual? How gratuitous.

I thought people were greater than the sum of their parts, surgically constructed or not. Is this Wachowski of interest because she codirected a movie, i.e., for her actual achievements, or just for her body?
Butlerian post-genitals equal poor content
GiLBerT is now too vast, especially with with the inclusion of Queered Peoples (many of whom are penis-vagina pracitioners). Common interest between monosexual homosexuals with intact biosexed genitalia and LBerT Queered Peoples and "folk" of trans and inter sex/genderalties -- the first group having interests below the waist while the second are ideologically repelled by all concepts of "sex organs". Perhaps a new media approaching these incongruities via online outlets are required.
Why is the film relevant?
Joe, the article - in a glbt newspaper - is about a trans director. I don't see anything surprising about such an article or her being trans being the focus. Why is the film relevant here?
‘Cloud Atlas’ has three directors
The movie has three directors, not two, but be honest: You don’t care about the film or the other directors.
Very Awesome
It's amazing to see Lana be able to exhibit her pride, not only in front a panel of her peers (other celebs?) but also reporters and by proxy the world.

I think many of us trans folk, myself included, have had our time to hide. I can relate when she says that it can take "years" for her to come to terms and come out.

From one transwomen to another, Hell Ya! Have fun with it, own it and be proud with all the success you've had Lana. Amazing that she got to share this in Toronto!
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