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Kathleen Wynne's son on coming out


Kathleen Wynne's son on coming out

Chris Cowperthwaite says coming to terms with his sexuality was 'challenging'
The son of premier-designate Kathleen Wynne didn’t find coming out as a gay man as easy as some might think it would be. 
“Regardless of whether your parents are supportive or not, it can still be challenging,” says Chris Cowperthwaite, who came out to his family when he was 21 years old.
Cowperthwaite says he still had to overcome stigma and peer pressures, even though his mother, Kathleen Wynne, came out as a lesbian when he was in Grade 5.
Cowperthwaite had the support of his mother, her wife and his father, who lived in the basement of the family home after he and Wynne divorced.
After he came out, Cowperthwaite got involved in sports and the Ten Oaks Project, a sleep-away camp for children in the queer community.
He also worked closely with Wynne’s campaign team on her provincial Liberal leadership bid. He provided digital support and got a special thank-you from his mom in her acceptance speech.

Below is Xtra's video interview with Cowperthwaite.

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Wynne is a Model
An accusation constantly made against LGBT people and organizations is that our existence threatens family stability and therefore the stability of the society as a whole. Kathleen Wynne has shown clear proof to the contrary by building a strong relationship with her partner and ensuring the best care for her family from the previous marriage. Her support for her son, shows she is a caring parent. Furthermore, like his mother, Chris clearly shows he understands the responsibility to be a caring person who wants to help build a caring society. Wynne has shown she is capable of taking on a political leadership position. Unfortunately, she is taking over from a premier and government whose performance in office has been less than stellar and this will make it hard for her to be successful.
Thanks, Tim, for the lolz. We should expect a whole series from Xtra on all the gays behind the Mike Harris government and the Harper government.

What the hell is Xtra about anyway?
I don't care that Wynne
is a Lesbian, (throwing her husband to the curb, now he's someone I would love to hear from) who has a sword swallowing son (pretty sure he doesn't swallow). I just don't care. Wynne is ultimately first and foremost a politician and she has proven she is NOT a friend to LGBT. End of story. I know she is your goddess Xtra, I get it, boy do I get it, but couldn't you stop being such grateful submissives for a moment and at least ask her for a reach around?
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