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Kathleen Wynne wants to be premier of Ontario


Kathleen Wynne wants to be premier of Ontario

Openly gay politician going for Liberal leadership
The gays are out of the gate.
The Ontario Liberal leadership race has another official contender in Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne, who announced her candidacy Nov 5.
She is the second gay entrant, after Toronto Centre MPP Glen Murray announced his bid Nov 4. If either is successful come Jan 25, they will become Canada's first openly gay premier. Wynne would also make history as Ontario's first female premier.
"What I see in Ontario is a diversity of people," she said to a full room at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. "What I want to make sure is that everyone in this province feels safe, whoever they are — that they feel they have a place in the province. That's what equity is about."
She resigned on Friday as minister of municipal affairs and housing and aboriginal affairs, posts she had held since October 2011. (Outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty made it a requirement that leadership contenders resign from cabinet.) The MPP for Don Valley West since 2003, Wynne has also headed the ministries of transportation and education.

She does not plan to address the divisive issue of provincial funding for the Catholic school system, she said.
"I've been very clear that we have an education system that is strong, that needs to be nurtured," she said. "To be distracted by that kind of governance discussion — that's not something that I'm going to do."
Wynne's announcement speech put an emphasis on improving relationships, particularly with Ontario teachers after much debate over Bill 115.
She spoke of finding a middle ground on contentious issues, saying she believes this is what she has to offer the province.
"This is a sorely needed skill at a time when some politicians choose to polarize issues, not listen to other opinions, to denigrate those that have different thoughts, behaving as though they alone possess the truth. No one alone possesses the truth."
Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Centre since 2010, is the only other contender to have officially made a bid for the Liberal leadership. His platform includes "no-money-down" post-secondary tuition and tax cuts for the middle class and small business.
Murray has also served in the Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. He was mayor of Winnipeg from 1998 to 2004 and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute from 2007 to 2010.
Others are expected to announce bids for the leadership in the coming weeks. Any potential candidates have until 5pm on Nov 23 to submit leadership forms.
Some known possibilities are Eric Hoskins, minister of children and youth services; former cabinet minister Sandra Pupatello; Charles Sousa, minister of citizenship and immigration; and Deb Matthews, minister of health.
Former minister of education Gerard Kennedy, who lost a bid for the party leadership to McGuinty in 1996, is another rumoured candidate. A recent poll suggests Kennedy is the top choice among the public to take McGuinty's place, the Toronto Star reported Nov 2.
The new leader will have to decide when to bring back the legislature after McGuinty prorogued on Oct 15.
Below is video coverage of Wynne’s announcement. 

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To David
You know nothing about me. I am not religious, I do not believe in religion. I am able to understand both sides and see the different perspectives. Get over yourself and move on. You are waisting your life in anger.
Kathleen Wynne
"What I want to make sure is that everyone in this province feels safe..." Unless of course and especially if your are a Gay Male, then it's open season because you're safety is irrelevant. Take that bitches.
Take a look at the video
it is not by accident that standing behind Ms Wynne is a women wearing a hijab! Wynne panders to Muslims, she supports Imams coming onto school property during the day to give hate-filled sermons to impressionable students - teaching them to hate gays, hate jews, hate dogs! If Wynne becomes premier look for the introduction of Sharia law.
own your hate and bullying Jesus lady
Personal attacks and bullying from a Jesus puppet. How typical. Furious that your blessed God has been spit on. You try to diminish my words by using schoolgirl personal mocking -- pathetic. You are the living dead. All lies, all excuses, all pretense. YOU are the church that kills. Own it!
Feel Sorry For You
Wow, David, I had no idea that your life is so meaningless. You seem like an extremely angry individual. The United Church has fought for gay rights. If you want to spew hatred because your life has no purpose you really need to get your facts in order. They are not "liars and cowards." God does not "hate fags." The people who say he does have misinterpreted the scripture. Hatred is a disease and it seems as though you are near death. Good luck.
this is war Pollyanna
You judge using your own Jesus bullshit and I will call your crap as crap whenever you feed it. I do not turn any cheeks. This is war against all religion to me. You've had 5000 years to try to get it right and you have done nothing but hate and hurt and harm. Enough. It's over. Claim your own complicity and stop trying to cover your guilty ass!
Stop All Bigotry
Homophobia and homophobic speech is one of the great evils facing our society. It leads to acts of violence, bullying and even murder. Furthermore we cannot allow it to be justified in the name of religion. However, anti-religious bigotry is also a great evil and causes a lot of harm. The fact that some religious people are bigots does not justify returning that hate.

To label all people of religious faith – and certainly to label all Christians – as bigots is an act of bigotry in itself. It also distracts us from real issues of ending homophobic bullying at schools and determining whether or not religious public schools should continue. LGBT people must keep in mind that some of our greatest allies come from religious and faith communities, including Christian churches.

It is a fact that the reasons separate public Catholic schools were created (anti-Catholic bigotry from some Protestants) no longer exist and there is good reason to abolish them. Nor is there any justification for creating separate public schools for other religions. Furthermore, freedom of religion does also include freedom from religion for those who do not believe. The places to teach specific religious beliefs and engage in religious worship are the home and place of worship, not school.

However, to make hateful attacks on believers and to label all Christians as bigots is as evil as using religion as an excuse to justify hateful attacks on LGBT people. Hate is hate, no matter who it comes from. It is wrong, always has been and always will be.
nice try, Kapo, but YOU are the problem
Those "allies" are liars and cowards. In the name of their own religion, their co-Jesusians are calling for the death of homos and the same old atrocities of hate that have been going on forever. The Pope does more to instigate gay bashing than any human on earth. The fundamentalists (like Stephen Harpur) in the US openly defame homos in the media. Where are these milquetoast christian "allies"??? Having scones with the vicar and tut tutting about bad christians is complicity. Your God hates fags. Do something about it. Go to the your fellow religionists' churches as christians and protest and denounce them. Don't give me that ally con, Jesus apologist. Religion is the root of all evil and YOU are a part of it.
Be Careful of Accusations
To David re: "jesus is a gay hating death cult that must stop." Be very careful about generalizations, "Christians of all kinds are the arch enemy of homosexuals..." There are many Christians who are allies of the gay community. Think before you throw accusations around.
jesus is a gay hating death cult that must stop
Christians of all kinds are the arch enemy of homosexuals and all sexual freedom fighters. Right this moment out my window near the AGO a maniac woman with an ampliphier is screaming hatred against gays in the name of Jesus while her helper harrasses people on the sidewalk with pamplets telling them to get saved. Jesus is being broadcast into my home (which I own and pay property tax for) against my will and making me feel unsafe and threatened in my home. This is downtown Toronto in 2012. The complete banning and indeed outlawing of christianity and all religion in the public sphere is the only noble goal of homosexual liberation so the RC in the schools (like vermin preying on children) is a key issue for any politician in Ontario or Toronto. ps I called the cops on them but they are taking forever to show up for disturbance of the peace.


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