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Facebook "re-evaluates" decision to censor trans man's post-op chest pics


Facebook "re-evaluates" decision to censor trans man's post-op chest pics

POST-OP. Dominic Scaia's most recent Facebook profile picture, shortly before he was banned on Dec 20. IMAGE 1 OF 1
"We encourage Mr Scaia to upload the photos again," says Facebook, after saying pic was too graphic
Facebook has re-evaluated its decision to censor a Calgary trans man's post-op chest pics. A spokesperson told Xtra late Friday that Dominic Scaia is free to reupload the pictures, citing the importance of raising awareness about trans issues.

In a partial victory yesterday, Facebook reinstated Scaia's account after he was banned on Dec 20, but the site warned Scaia not to re-upload his post-op chest pics because they violated the terms of service for containing "nudity or other graphic or sexually suggestive content."

But since yesterday, Facebook has changed its tone. In an email sent to Xtra on Friday evening, a Facebook spokesperson had this to say:
"I went back to our team here to ensure that we were being consistent in our review, and upon further consideration, the team has concluded that the photos do not violate our standards for graphic imagery and can be allowed. While we strive to apply our policies as consistently as possible, with over 350 million users on Facebook there may be instances when we fail to do this and we do our best to rectify these situations as swiftly as possible. We encourage Mr Scaia to upload the photos again if he would like to make them viewable on his profile.

We continuously re-evaluate all of our policies to make sure that they remain relevant and useful, and our policies surrounding graphic imagery are no exception. These have continued to evolve as we’ve seen how potentially graphic content can be used to create awareness and educate users about a particular issue. Last year’s protests in Iran – and even today’s crisis in Haiti – are poignant examples of this."
During an email exchange between Facebook and Xtra early Friday, Facebook implied that Scaia's photos were banned not because of nudity, but because of the post-surgical scarring:

"A photo of a shirtless transgendered man would not violate our policies, assuming there was no other content in the photo that violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,” a Facebook spokesperson told Xtra. "There are a number of reasons why photos might violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, including if they contain graphic content such as post-surgical imagery."

Read more about Dominic Scaia's story in our earlier coverage

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I'm friends with Dominic, he showed me his post-op chest pretty much right after the surgery, and my fiancee Adam added him recently to his facebook, I remember that profile pic, but haven't seen Dominic at the club in a while. I can see why, WTF!!! Facebook really is evil! They censor all sorts of things where they have no place to. They censored me in much the same fashion this week in fact. They sent me an email about cybercriminals hijacking my account, filled with lies about them contacting everyone on my contact list (which they didn't because neither my fiancee nor my secondary facebook account that was previously on my friend's list got that notification). I responded back immediately and got no response back. I had a picture of my bare ass that got censored many months ago, which got a response back within 48 hours. Well it has been 4 or 5 days now, two emails later, still nothing. I believe facebook dislikes my political commentary and links to Alex Jones Prisonplanet.com website. I believe my account was disabled for this reason and not the one which they state. I reviewed my email account and found no weird notifications of anything that would indicate suspicious activity. I have now given up with facebook, and have submitted my complaint to Alex Jones. I'll mention it to Jason Bermas too on myspace, since he is on my myspace page. And Dominic, I could use your thoughts on this subject given your recent dealings with facebook. If I were you I would file a complaint with the human rights tribunal anyways and take these bastards on. Who cares if they re-instated your account, this company cares not for the democracy that you live in; obviously!
Freedom From Duality
I find it interesting yet concerning that those who find themselves comfortable being either male or female, feel the need to define, categorise and pigeon hole others to be less worthy or exceptable than their definition of right or not right, to blend into their idea of correct or worthy. Diversity is what makes this whole planet "beautiful & Unique", imagine if a young tree decided its old growth neighbor was unacceptable, what would happen? we would'nt have old growth forrest or renewal because the many require each other to survive, what if a man or womyn was drowning & the only person around to throw them a lifeline was trans - FTM or MTF, would you discriminate then or would you welcome the help from a fellow human being? Every single being deserves to be treated with unconditional positive regard. Nothing is black & white or left or right, its actually a paradox, yellow can come in many shades or variations & so too do humans. Isnt it time people got with the program and relised that there between the two extremes lies a middle road that embraces diversity and ones "right" to be the Best they can be?! Regardless of definition or Labelling others unacceptable... Labels are for soup cans and discrimination itself belongs "only" to those who look in the mirror of self. People Are People, all colors, shapes & Sexes, keep it that way.....
He has tooo many people on his side for all this crap. Theres a ton of transmen with pot op pics scarring and all. The need to continue to review those policies and make them strict but sensitive as well.
Kudos to Facebook...
Times really are a changin here in the States!!
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