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Facebook censors trans man's photo - again


Facebook censors trans man's photo - again

Facebook apologized for deleting post-op chest pic and then deleted it again. What gives?
UPDATE, JAN 31: Facebook released the following statement to Xtra:

"The removal of Mr Scaia’s photos was in no way intended to target him personally. Instead, it resulted from the fact that monitoring content and responding to user reports across a user base of over 350 million people is a complex process that requires the work of a large team of reviewers. While every effort is made to ensure consistency in reviews, there may be instances when this does not happen and we attempt to resolve those issues as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are taking steps to try and ensure that this does not happen to Mr Scaia again."

JAN 30:
In the battle that never seems to end, Facebook has once again censored a post-op photo of Dominic Scaia's bare chest — the same photo that got him banned from Facebook in December, for which he later received an apology.

Earlier this month, Facebook said it re-evaluated its policy concerning graphic imagery after Scaia's top surgery photos were censored. Scaia is a female-to-male (FTM) transsexual.

In what was considered a victory for transgendered rights, a spokesperson for Facebook told Xtra on Jan 15 that Scaia could re-upload his photos, citing the importance of raising awareness about trans issues. Five days later, Scaia received a personal apology from Facebook, admitting the company's "errors."

But on Jan 29, Scaia noticed that one of the photos he had posted to the Facebook group, "Stop Transphobia on Facebook - Un-ban Dominic Scaia" was missing. The photo was also missing from his profile. Scaia then received a message from Facebook telling him the photo violates the site's terms.

"Are you kidding me?" says Scaia. "We just went through this whole thing, and I thought it was over. I thought this wasn't going to happen again and obviously it's because someone reported the photo."

Facebook users are encouraged to monitor their friends' photos and to report pics that violate the terms of use. According to Facebook's Help Centre, the company reviews all items reported by its users.

Scaia thinks Facebook needs to re-evaluate how it monitors photos and that Facebook employees should be educated about transgendered issues, including what an FTM post-op chest looks like.

"This isn't just about me," says Scaia. "I don't want this to happen to another guy, and it could very well happen if it's happening to me again."

Scaia says he felt happy and relieved when he was told two weeks ago that he could re-upload his photos.

Now, he's just frustrated.

"It's definitely not over — not if this is going to continue to happen," says Scaia. "This is ridiculous."

Scaia has sent Facebook a message demanding to know why his photo was removed, but he has yet to hear back. Xtra also contacted Facebook, and a spokesperson said they were looking into the matter.
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its just fucked.
Ok.. so Trans people should totally not face what Dominic Scaia. it should also not be so publicly displayed, I fully support him and and how everyone is trying to get facebook to fuck off with their double standard shit but let's face it, it's not going to happen now and it might not be for a long time.. it's really shitty to think but it's so true.
too much quick to judging happening here..
Dominic stay strong dude, keep it real and remember there are always people backing you up!
Automatic for the people
It's probably an automatic rejection of the pic. Like the original statment said, they require a large team of reviewers. They prob have a bunch of people that work together but don't WORK TOGETHER. Like every other company! It sounds less like a violation of human right than a case of red tape.

ALSO, if you roll your eyes too long it can get stuck that, BEWARE LOLita.
To "Eyes Rolling"
To "Eyes Rolling" above,

and I say this with love,

discrimination shouldn't be accepted
While it is true that Facebook is a private company that doesn't mean that people should just accept it when they discriminate against someone like they have in this case. If everyone thought like that and just "got over" the discrimination they faced we'd never have achieved legal equality for LGBT folk here in Canada, well at least LGB folk since trans folk still have a ways to go in getting the same protections other queers have enjoyed for some time now. In this particular case it sounds like a different or a new employee came across Scaia's photo or a complaint concerning it and either didn't see the previous decision regarding it or chose to ignore it. Facebook has already dealt with this issue but unfortunately it appears not all their staff is up to speed on it, I imagine Facebook will remedy this situation yet again and perhaps this time make more effort to ensure their staff are aware of their policy concerning trans chests.
Of course it's their turf, and when they use their turf in a transphobic/cissexist way, we're entitled to denounce that. What, do you think that only publicly owned corporations can be discriminatory?
I fully support trans issues. But one thing that people, particularly queer people Iv' noticed, seem to keep forgetting is that Facebook is not a public service it is a company and that once you upload a photo on their site, they OWN it. Once it's up there is BELONGS TO THEM. Facebook makes that very clear when you create an account and since the images in question are Facebook's they have the right to do whatever the hell they want with them. Trans activism aside it's not Dominic's photo and he has to accept that or he has to get off Facebook. It's that simple.
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