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David Rakoff, 1964-2012


David Rakoff, 1964-2012

Canadian-born gay writer was known for his humorous autobiographical essays
Award-winning Canadian-born writer David Rakoff died Aug 9 in New York City following a long battle with cancer.

Rakoff's essays appeared in The New York Times, Salon and Details, and he was a regular on Public Radio International's This American Life.  

Rakoff was especially known for his humorous and witty observations about gay life. He twice won the Lambda Literary Award in the humour category. 

"You can suck a mile of cock and it won't turn you into Oscar Wilde, believe me," said Rakoff at a 2010 talk in Toronto. "The only thing that makes you an artist is making art." 

In the video interview below, comedian Elvira Kurt speaks to Rakoff in Toronto. 

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The way to deal with trolls and haters...
Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll. It's the nature of the beast. The internet is a beautiful thing but it's also given idiots and asshats a platform to spew their garbage.

When haters and trolls post, we have to restrain ourselves from replying, which only adds fuel to their ego. Report the comment, and if it's not down in 48 hours, report it again. Continue reporting it until it's gone. The offending comments will eventually be removed.

It's up to us as consumers of media to moderate hatred and stupidity. It's not possible to catch everything, given the ubiquity of web media. It takes time and effort. Blaming the media outlet for not actively policing user-generated content solves nothing... if there was active policing and removal, there'd be just as many people complaining about censorship.
A little respect and moderation please
Well put, Alex Maclean. I have thought the same many times regarding Xtra's refusal to moderate the haters and trolls on this site, especially when they're commenting on a piece regarding the passing of an individual. R.I.P. David Rakoff, you will be missed.
Deflated by this news
I believe in free speech and all that, but I also believe in appropriate. And editing for good exchange of opinion. And I think that on a gay site (sorry, I'm not doing the list today) there are comments we can do without. The internet is a big place, and there are many places to vomit up racist, homophobic etc. crap. How about the editors at xtra.ca EDIT and take this Phelpsian shit off of here. All kinds of online publications edit for all kinds of reasons and you can do it without being fascist goons intent on shutting down real conservation. I know you can! It's about keeping a conversation on track. Now, that said, I'm heartbroken. David Rakoff was one of our best social commentators, even if not well known in this country outside of "gay elites" as we sometimes get called.
Interestingly, it was often This American Life (podcast) that I got my Rakoff fix - that, or occasional appearances on Jon Stewart. RIP friend.
Barth's a trolling piece of shit
Ignore that cunter.
Another Phelps?
He's supposed to ask God for forgiveness? Since God created homos, it should be God asking for forgiveness!
Barth - there's an ex-pastor in Durham Region who can help you....
interesting life
before he died, did he ask God to forgive him of his homosexual sexual desires?
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