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Corey Hart's truth

Corey Hart's truth

Singer at Toronto Pride with message of support for the gay community
Canadian singer Corey Hart will perform at this weekend's Pride festival in Toronto ahead of an appearance at WorldPride in London in early July. 

Xtra recently chatted with Hart about his return to the spotlight and his new single, "Truth Will Set You Free," a song with a supportive message for the gay community.

"I thought it was important that a straight man would write a lyric like that," Hart says. 

Thirty years ago Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" topped the charts, a song he calls "part of the cultural lexicon."

See the video below for a full interview with Hart. 

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it's been way too long since we've heard from CH! I love him, and I love that he's so supportive of the queer community. And he's handsome and adorable as ever - welcome back, Corey!!!
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