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No Canadian help for LGBT event at UN


No Canadian help for LGBT event at UN

Speakers included Ricky Martin and Ban Ki-moon
A recent star-studded LGBT event at the United Nations featuring Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Ricky Martin and South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka had the support of many countries, but Canada sat on the sidelines. 
Representatives from the United States, Japan, Israel, Britain and several other European countries helped organize the panel, Leadership in the Fight against Homophobia, held on Dec 11.
Canada was conspicuously absent from the list of organizing countries.
When asked why Canada was not involved with the event, a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada offered this statement:
“Canada was not involved in the organization of this particular UN event, but Canadian officials attended and Canada supports action to combat homophobia.”
Below is a video of the panel provided by the United Nations.

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Really Xtra! What planet are you living on?
The United Nations is the most homophobic organization on the planet when Xtra realizes this maybe they would not be so shocked.

I wonder why all these dictatorships who make up most of their membership would kill LGBGTs or have them arrested.
Not a fan of Harper but ...
... as long as he lets Canada work with the UN Refugee Committee by allowing gays into Canada with full citizenship, a safe house and seed $$, because they are oppressed in other countries (ie. Iran and other Muslim countries)... then he's ok in my books.

He's not reopened gay marriage or interfered with any rulings of the CDAian Human Rights Commission ... he's again ok in my books.

At best, all we can hope for is for the next election to get the right wingers out. Til that time, I don't buy the boogie man paranoia I see others write about.
Why does this suprise anyone?
Harper was elected to office with the promise to hold a vote to eliminate Gay equality. He held the vote in 2006 and lost, but he still called a vote on it....

PM Harpers official position is still, to this day, that Gay Canadians do not deserve full equality.
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