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Camille Paglia disses Chaz Bono


Camille Paglia disses Chaz Bono

Says trans man is 'mutilating her body'
Author and academic Camille Paglia says Chaz Bono is mutilating his body by going through a sex-change operation and fears that Bono is bringing the procedure into the mainstream. Bono is the subject of a new documentary, Becoming Chaz, which will premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Read more about Becoming Chaz here.

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The Nature of Trans
For a NON-trans person to proclaim with such certainty what is her own opinion about a TRANS person she does not know - and to be considered some kind of expert on the subject - seems ridiculous to me. The fantasy of a sex-change to gain male priviledge that some cis-gendered women might have, should not be confused with the efforts to overcome gender disphoria
that lead many trans people to successfully seek out sex reassignment surgery.
what the heck happened to her?!
She used to be so cool, and out, free thinking liberal.
But ever since the far right has both been on the rise and taken over the democrat party,
she's just been falling all over herself to apologize for being too outrageous and been preaching to the liberals and free thinkers to become more traditional.
It isn't even in an effort to communicate or convince conservatives but rather just a good catholic girl's fear of offending social conservatives.

She can be that if she wants but it's soooo boooring!
Surgically re-sculpted genitals resemble a Vagina
Surgically re-sculpting male genitals to resemble a vagina, does not make one a “woman,” since every cell of that body still has XY sex chromosomes. “Sex change” is a “phallusy.” It is purely symbolic. The transitioning process does not grow a uterus nor ovaries and the female-to-male constructed penis doesn't work. The hormone treatments can cause blood-clots as well as breast cancer and prostate cancer later in life. YET “Sex Change” has become very glamourous. There is even a Transgendered Supermodel and member of parliament somewhere in the world...Blah...Blah... But the daily reality are mostly shameless clumsy Mexican Trannies with 3, size 14, left feet, who get to parade around in female-like drag, wigs and make-up before they go out hooking in back alleys. The intellectual Trans look like longshoremen in bad drag. The Female-to-male Trans get to shave and act more manly that any Gay-boi. Wow what fun for them!! Such theatre works best in dim lighting. Sunlight ruins the fantasy by exposing all the details of mutilation of the face and body and other freaky fakery. Of course whatever fantasy anyone wants to live, they have the right to do so. But if gender is said to be constructed, or learned, then it is worth considering, that at least some Trans are trying to live up to Hetero expected gender roles, they just learned the wrong role? Why lure them into having unnecessary surgery? Maybe the focus should be to help them accept themselves in their natural state. That is already quite a lifetime undertaking for most people.
Are we still in the 1970s?
Thank you for posting this. I had found transphobic references in Paglia's earlier writing and could not find any recent proof of her views. This shows that her second-wave feminist views of SRS as mutilation have unfortunately not evolved over the past forty years.
Give me a break ...
There are few things in this world that make Paglia happy, not the least of which is her complete lack cultural relevance.
I was aware at the age of 4 something was different. I was also aware that I had to hide that difference or fear reprisals in the form of familial rejection or physical violence from other kids (or at the very least being ostracized). As a young child, & then later moving through puberty and young adulthood, I was terrified someone would learn this secret about me. And that is where my "body mutialtion" began. But not in the way pjr would understand. No, my mutilation came in the form of obesity, eating and eating because I was depressed and unhappy. So I hit 400 lbs at one point with the precursors of diabetes & high blood pressure forming.
It wasn't until I finally accepted this about myself, which happened at the age of 34, that I began to get rid of my depression and began to get healthy. I faced rejection in EVERY aspect of my life. I faced physical violence, and every day there is the possiblity I could be killed by ignorant bigots. I had horrific things said to me by family members. And yet all through that, my health has now gone off the charts. I have lost almost 150 lbs. I have no high BP anymore. I ran my first marathon in 10/2010. I am training for my second. I have incredible support at work and from my friends and most family members.
This has happened because I was able to accept this about myself despite the constant societal stigma that people like Camille and pjr perpetuate.
My rebuttal to them is this, that after YEARS of therapy, and YEARS of hormone therapy, and of facing the loss of my life at the hands of myself or others, I was able to get my BIRTH DEFECT surgery, to fix what was physcially wrong, to bring my body in line with my gender identity. There is no other way, & I am not ashamed or embarassed. I am DAMN PROUD of who I am. And because I was able to get my MtoF reassignment surgery, I now have the most utter sense of serenity, peace & contentment down to my very soul. What is wrong w/ that PJR. The Congru
Rhube is
exactly right. Being trans is not about changing a body to uphold traditional gender expectations. It's about changing a body to one in which the person feels more comfortable. Interestingly, Rhube and I are on different sides of the equation, as I was born male but would like to be female. Still, like him, nothing in my day to day life screams woman or trans. I actually quite like who I am, just not my sex. And because trans males often get lumped into out-dated conceptions of cross-dressers, I want to point out that it's not about the clothes or the makeup. If fact, I'd happily wear jeans and t-shirts everyday for the rest of my if I could wake up tomorrow female.

I can imagine that if you don't feel this way, it's hard to wrap your head around it. Fair enough: I really don't understand how a non-trans (or cis) gendered male feels about his gender or his body. What is tiring (and for many dangerous and sadly often life-threatening) are those like yourself who 1) claim to be broad-minded but even so think we're mentally ill or otherwise deranged and 2) because of this, feel empowered to tell us what we should and shouldn't do with OUR bodies.

Why don't you go worry about your life and I'll worry about mine.
Show Your Displeasure- Picket Paglia!
Enough of this. Xtra, what are Ms Paglia's plans for speaking tours? It mightn't be a bad idea for transfolk and those of the LGB community who want to show solidarity with our trans sisters and brothers to show our displeasure. I certainly intend to do so if she ventures down here...
Really, pjr? Really?
I, as a transperson have no "issue" with my gender identity. I have an issue with my body. It's not about my behaviors or characteristics, which I can honestly say, because I exhibit no behaviors or characteristic which could make me pass as male, and yet, I still feel the need to transition to male. Why? Because I am uncomfortable having a female body. Not because I am so masculine that I can't possibly be female. Not because people see me as being manly, so I must be a man. And that's what transgender is. It's discomfort with the sex one is born as, not necessarily discomfort with the gender roles assigned to them. That can very well be a part of it, but essentially, it's about the body. And regardless of your opinions about limb amputation for those with BIID, it's THEIR BODY. You can do whatever you want with yours, they can do whatever they want with theirs. What gives anybody the right to tell somebody what they can and can't do with their own bodies?
So any surgery could be ?
Someone with a cleft pallet who has it fixed are mutilating their bodies as well? Its deemed needed and society approves it.. Yet because the brains of Trans people is not congruent with the bodies given to them and fixing the brain to match the body is impossible nor desired but one can change that cleft pallet or external genitals to be congruent with the mind..

This person said she wanted to be a man in her youth. SO to me this is a SOUR GRAPES story .. She didnt have the courage an now resents those of US who have had the courage.. an sometimes it takes into your mid 30's and 40's to finally be so misserable trying to be what people want you to be. Till finally you realize half your life is over and your not happy being what everyone wanted you to be.. and you live out the last half of your life pleasing who you are inside and now out.. and those who cant understand may never find the inteligence to comprehend such things are possible all they know is the lil world they exist in.


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