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Baird speaks out on Nigerian anti-gay bill


Baird speaks out on Nigerian anti-gay bill

Would ban gay rights groups and impose prison for same-sex marriage
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has spoken out against an anti-homosexuality bill that recently passed the Nigerian senate.
“Canada calls on Nigeria to immediately ensure that all its citizens enjoy equal basic rights,” Baird said in a press release. “A bill passed by Nigeria’s senate would, if ratified, disregard basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. The government of Nigeria must protect all Nigerians, regardless of sexual orientation. Through the Commonwealth and other forums, Canada will continue to make this point in the most forceful of terms.”

Gay sex is criminal in the sub-Saharan African country
, but this law would make a same-sex marriage punishable by a 14-year jail sentence and would further criminalize witnesses or supporters. It would also ban gay rights groups in the country. The bill awaits full adoption before it becomes law.
Canada’s position is a good first step, according to both the Liberals and NDP, but both parties say the government needs to do more.
“Every time something like that happens, the Canadian government should condemn [these laws] very firmly, so we think it was the right thing to do,” says Hélène Laverdière, the NDP foreign affairs critic. “At the same time, the government tried to bring the issue at the Commonwealth meeting, and it didn’t meet with success.”
Laverdière, a former diplomat, says that Canada needs to work with like-minded countries to establish a game plan for addressing the situation on a longer-term basis, especially by determining the forums where we can address the issue.
“We could even say you have very good links with those countries that I think we can bring onboard on our side,” Laverdière says. “So you, France, or you, England, work with those, a real game plan, and then start the hard, long diplomatic work. That’s the only way to go.”
Liberal foreign affairs critic Dominic LeBlanc says the Nigerian bill is “perverse.”
“This kind of appalling legislation runs against every single basic element of equality,” he says. “My view is that we shouldn’t in any way allow the Nigerian government to escape without consequences should this law ultimately be enacted.”
Nigeria is a Commonwealth country and there had been talk in the United Kingdom of withholding any aid funding to countries that refuse to decriminalize homosexuality. Laverdière is not sure that is the way to go. Nigeria is the world’s eighth largest exporter of petroleum products, and Canada has bilateral trade relations with its government, including some support for healthcare programs in the country.
“We should be very careful when we look at those options, because we don’t want to take actions that will hurt the people,” Laverdière says.
LeBlanc says embargoes may be appropriate if properly applied.
“I think fair-minded Canadians would be surprised to know that in the last year, we contributed almost $60 million in bilateral and multilateral aid to Nigeria, and if the way the government of Nigeria decides to conduct itself is to completely disrespect the rights of gay and lesbian persons, I don’t know why the government would want to continue to support the government of Nigeria,” LeBlanc says.
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You know what else what make you happy Dozie? Less poverty and corruption in Nigeria. It seems to me that since your entire nation is so inferior culturally, politically, militarily, technologically and economically that you and other Nigerians would want to listen and learn from the successful former colonies like Canada. If you act more like us then maybe you wouldn't be in the third world, but you probably won't listen. You would rather blame gays, or the colonial era rather then taking responsibility for your own failings as a nation and a society, how typical.
People with Down's syndrome other genetic diseases where born that way yet they can not be classified as normal, same goes for the gays, as a medical scientist my professional opinion is to give them beds in our mental hospitals for 14 years and i am sure they will be discharged as normal humans again. Canada, Britain and the U.S can also sign a treaty with Nigeria to allow the "export" of Nigerian gays to their own countries where they are considered normal and WE WILL ALL BE HAPPY.
How dare you?
DEliezer, You sound like an immigrant. I could go into various scientific reasons as to why what you're saying is completely incorrect but that would be wasted on someone so ignorant. Instead I am going to be very blunt and tell you what most Canadians are thinking but are to politically correct to say. You are an immigrant, as such you choose to come here, if you do not like Canadian laws or values then please go back to where ever you came from. Were not going to stop you, it's your right to do so. Do not come to MY Country and have the audacity to lecture me on morality. It is by our generosity and values that you were even allowed to come here in the first place. Also, if your values were so great why did you leave your home land at all? Was it heinous poverty? Uncontrolled violence? Ethnic hatred? Endemic government corruption? The only words we should be hearing from you is, ''thank you for delivering me from such a horrible inferior existence of squalor.''
Homoseexuality or pedophilia - how different?
If the West is advocating for this new way of life and claiming that it is discriminatory to protect the society from indescent behaviour, then shouldn't those who likewise practice abominable acts such as child sexual abuse also have rights to "express" their "sexuality?

If what is subtly being promoted as an "alternative lifestyle" is the idea that "it's ok and you have a right to do it as long as it feels good", why then selectively choose what is regarded as "good" or "unacceptable"?

In that case every behaviour should be ok since it will surely feel good to someone somewhere. Wake up West and get out of this path of self-destruction!

By the way Wikipedia describes pedophilia as a medical diagnosis for psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children.

So my question is what makes homosexuality different from pedophilia? I mean this is a behaviour that even animals in their natural instinct are not inclined to?

Nigeria should be left alone to follow "democracy" which is about exercising the will of the people. There is no place for SODOMY in Christianity or Islam - the predominant religions in Nigeria.

And I seriously don't think there was ever a place for this in the foundation and heritage established by founding fathers of countries like Canada, US and UK until a generation after them decided to depart from the very principles that brought greatness and and many years of prosperity which unfortunately is now on a downward spiral.
Don't be too quick to condemn the Nigerian Govt
I would not be too quick to condemn the Nigerian government. I believe they carefully considered the bill and took the decision that was the most appropriate and popular decision. It is a democracy and the govt took a decision which reflected the will of the people. Just like someone mentioned that polygamy is illegal in Canada why not same sex marriage if that is the will of the people?
Fuck the ''historical context''
Its hate pure and simple on the part of the Nigerian people and their government. I don't buy the ''colonialist imported idea'' bullshit. We were a British colony so was Australia, New Zealand and even the United States. While gay people might not have totally equal rights in all of these Countries or general support from all of the people in them. Not one of these nations is passing such a law or similar laws. Gays in this former colony and others have it pretty good. So to hell the idea that it's because of colonialism. Also, Gays aren't being arrested in Britain the former colonial power either. Also, if we are giving them money/Aide to pay for health care and food then that gives us the right to demand how these nations operate and what their values should be. If they don't like it then we should stop the aide payments. I as a tax payer refuse to support a population that hates gays and Lesbians.
Come on - racism isn't the right response.
Randy, we are part of the commonwealth with these "deplorable" countries because they were divvied up by the European powers in 1885. They didn't ask to become Nigeria and be converted to monotheism and capitalism and all the rest. But that was their fate. It hasn't worked out very well in much of Africa, but at least one study has the Nigerians as the happiest people on the planet. It is horrible that they -- some of them -- are attacking gay people, but let's not for get that 50 or 60 years ago Europe was a conflagration of hate and gay people are still attacked in North America. Africa has lots of social problems, and it would be surprising if some of it didn't focus on homosexuality, which has often been the lightning rod during times of conflict, just like race or gender (mass rape of women, e.g.). Some perspective would be good. It doesn't excuse what's happening, but it does place it in a historical context. Self-righteousness is rarely justified.
Why are we still part of the Commonwealth? We have nothing in common with these deplorable countries.
britishe and canada shame to you all ...
shame to nigeria government and co,even the so call president.you all are busy taking our money out of the country and poor man die,after they told us the bill for gey right cost 20billion dollars.what a shameful country indeed you are.the government is busy talking rubishes well boko haram is killing people around what supporse to put in place.oh nigerian.no stay electricity suppry,no good road,i wonder what i just hear that canada give nigeria money for aid,even many counrtries?where is the aid and the money.poor man suffering die every day,britishe government,thanks you all even you john baird,i wonder if you mum train you well and the type of human are you to support evil and those who support this evil will die and lost in hell.is not our culture and we can;t be like you all fool look at laverdiere shame to you all please take note that you can keep your aid money we poor man in this foolish country do not see any man or the aid..hahahahah so how can this be a threat to us,no way the issue is that,britishe keep on putting problems in nigeria and GOD will see all of you true.last time i hear that a britishe woman probulic abuse blacks and she forget to ask her father or mother if she was train well how and her living where is the money come from?is that not from africa..shaem to you britishe people and all to canada and never interffer in our law keep yours and let us keep ours..bullshit..
Shame on the Nigerian government for banning gay marriage. "it's not in our culture" then get the hell out of Atlanta, San Francisco and Toronto. Toronto is the city where Igbo women use to file their bogus refugee claims based on being persecuted as lesbians. They have studied the immigration system very well and trained by the human trafficking immigration consultants in Italy, the stopover route to tell Canadian IRB officials that line. Well no more refugee papers. I have blown the whistle to Minister Jason Kenny's office. The Toronto Sun, Star, National Post and Globe and Mail is investigating. The bible line does not work here. Abraham was a polygamist and that is banned here. That should be banned in Nigeria like Gadhaffi did in Libya. If there's one thing I'm good at, I know how to snitch.
@Snitchlady on twitter.
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