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AIDS Action Now Day of Action on HIV criminalization


AIDS Action Now Day of Action on HIV criminalization

Two cases before Supreme Court of Canada
AIDS Action Now took to the streets of Toronto on Feb 6 as part of a Day of Action ahead of the Feb 8 Supreme Court of Canada hearing of two landmark cases about HIV, sex and criminal law.
“Now people who are HIV are supposed to disclose our status if we are doing anything that might involve significant risk to a partner or someone else,” said Tim McCaskell of AIDS Action Now. “However, what significant risk is has not been clearly defined, and as a result there are, or have been, almost 130 cases across the country now of people being arrested.

“Transmission has not even been alleged in about 40 percent of those cases. It’s simply a matter of not disclosing your status.”

The protest started at the Church of the Holy Trinity and ended in front of Old City Hall.

For more on AIDS Action Now, click here. And continue to check in with Xtra for our continuing coverage of this issue.

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There's that word again
"SHAME". Go fuck yourself!
I have no idea why there is such a hullaballoo about this. Do people who oppose this legislation protecting the rights of those who don't want the disease actually exist? Such stupidity. Unbelievable. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of egregious behaviour. People who do not expose their HIV status pose a major threat to health and a strain on the healthcare system. Shame on you.
Oh Ron,
Ron, Ron, Ron. I call BS! Me thinks you're actually a straight white Christian woman who works in the AID$ Industry and sharing with us all your concerns. Thanks for playing. I SEE YOU. Most don't, but I do and honey let me tell you, that's enough.
The normalization of HIV infection
I think the Supreme Court will side with AIDS activists and rule that HIV-positive people are under no legal obligation to disclose their HIV status before having unprotected sex with another person. When the court does so, it will be the latest step in the normalization of HIV infection. As a result of better anti-HIV drugs with fewer side effects, HIV infection is no longer a death sentence or even scary to most gay men. Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, we now have a situation in Toronto where (1) since 1985, 82% of all infections among men have been among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), (2) in 2009, MSM accounted for 69% of all new HIV infections, and (3) it’s estimated that 25% of MSM are HIV-positive. Thirty years into the epidemic, it’s now truly normal and inevitable for many gay men to come out, disregard ineffective HIV prevention campaigns, have unprotected sex and become HIV positive. If more and more young gay men perceive HIV infection as “no big deal”, there will be less need for counseling. As anti-HIV drugs get even better with even fewer side effects, there will be less need for HIV-specific disability programs and AIDS service organizations. Since publicly-funded HIV prevention campaigns for gay men appear to be ineffective, perhaps the money would be better spent on government drug plans to cover the costs of expensive anti-HIV drugs (the one benefit that HIV-positive people REALLY need) and research into better drugs and an HIV vaccine.
We should be able to spread our disease
to whomever you want. And if you don't want to get HIV you are serophobic.
History tells us
that this is NOT about the criminalization of HIV (which is fucking stupid)but about something much more sinister and evil. We've been here before.
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