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Vito Russo doc hits Canadian screens

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Vito Russo doc hits Canadian screens

Director Jeffrey Schwartz speaks about his film
Jeffrey Schwarz says that one of the most empowering things he did upon coming out of the closet was to pick up a copy of Vito Russo’s book The Celluloid Closet.
He wasn’t alone. Soon after the book was first published in 1981, it became a rallying cry for more diverse representations of gay and lesbian characters in film and TV.
Now, Schwarz has taken his considerable research into the life of Russo and turned it into an evocative documentary portrait, titled simply Vito.
Xtra chatted with Schwartz at this year’s Inside Out film festival; you can watch the interview in the video below.

For more on Vito, check out our story here. 

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Great Documentary
I watched this on a repeat viewing the other night (the guide is wrong, it runs for the full 93 minutes but shows only an hour time-slot). I found it to be very informative, emotional and well edited. Definitely recommend that you catch it if you can.
US v Can
I looked a bit further. The US HBO site has a schedule (Monday at 9 PM) showing two hours set aside for Vito, which would be enough for the 93 minute film, but the Canadian site (and The Movie Network's site) show only one hour, with an episode of True Blood taking up what should be the second hour. So annoyed with these meddling middlemen at HBO Canada. Don't Canadians have a right to watch the real HBO?
My program guide says Vito is about 1 hour long. But IMDb says it's 93 minutes. Are we getting a cut version? Is the program guide wrong?
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