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Underwear model Quinn Jaxon bares all

Arts & Entertainment

Underwear model Quinn Jaxon bares all

Sexy, fit and friendly
Quinn Jaxon, one of Andrew Christian’s sexy underwear models, loves his body.
“I work out a lot,” he says. “So, you learn to appreciate yourself more when you actually have to work for it.”
Jaxon isn’t the only one who loves his body. Legions of gay men follow him online and go to watch him dance at gay clubs.
“It’s fun. I mean, I get paid to party,” he says.
In the video below, Jaxon, who was in Toronto recently, gets naked and tries on a few pairs of underwear. And he addresses those pesky rumours that he’s straight.
To win a pair of the white underwear that Jaxon wears in this video, re-tweet this story or share on facebook. For more information go to DailyXtra's facebook site. A winner will be randomly chosen on March 1.
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Judgemental People
Most of the comments here are homophobic and discriminating and as usual with the hidden double standard doesn't seem like a civilized people
fab surely
is this fluffernutter poufery not better in fab?
Straight? Please.
Once the underwear sells out, he can market the purses that fell out of his mouth. Straight? Please.
Oh Xtra. Week by week you are going downhill. Seeing the wannabe model I was already bored, then when he opened his mouth I just started to feel sorry for him. How does promoting this brand, this store, this model...even just doing the interview help the community in any way? Xtra used to be something you could be proud to pick up, not anymore.
So is he straight?
It's kind of appalling that the interviewer leads with "you're engaged" as if that specifies heterosexuality, and only then references the model being straight.
Straights stripping for older gay men
If young straight men weren't allowed to strip for older gay men, Remingtons on Yonge Street would have to go out of business.
I wasn't going to comment, because he's not my thing, but the previous comment is just so bitter. If we can't have a world where straight guys strip down for us, it's going to be a very boring place.
skank het skidmark advertisement for parched fags
The line between content and advertising has long vanished in Xtra but this ad was insane. Pushing skidmark diapers via a smug het dweeb marketed to the femme fagales for his very hetness is perhaps pushing the bar lower than the het world where the girls they use to taunt the men who buy their women product at least like men -- or one assumes they do at age 13.
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