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Peaches rocks the US and Europe

Arts & Entertainment

Peaches rocks the US and Europe

Artist says Toronto show is a taste of what the world can expect
Berlin-based, Toronto-born pansexual Peaches may soon be coming to a town near you.

Peaches will be hitting cities across the US and Europe over the next couple months. 
Xtra caught her one-off show at Toronto's Drake Hotel while she was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival, where her new film, Peaches Does Herself, made its world premiere. Gender benders, naked dancers, guitar riffs and luscious lesbians filled the west-end hotspot for her performance.

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch the show: Xtra recorded exclusive video coverage of Peaches performing "Boys Wanna Be Her."

Peaches' albums include I Feel Cream (2009), Impeach My Bush (2006) and Fatherfucker (2003).      

Peaches' "Boys Wanna Be Her" from Xtra! on Vimeo.

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Private video?
Xtra!'s video is marked private. Because, you know, news.
is this infantilism supposed to impress someone
Still doing poopie on Mommy's carpet. When are those poor bourgeoisie ever going to stop trying to show how transgressive and non-suburban they are when such "acts" only make them look more bourgeois and more suburban. Chick with dick was done to death by Fellini and Warhol 60 years ago and still the basement bourg kids think it's out there. BORING!!! As a fag I preferred TOPY in the 90s because the nude dancers were actual males.
Thanks Xtra for posting uncensored version
Great video! Thanks Xtra for posting uncensored version on Vimeo. Anyone interested to know, the gorgeous hot trans performer in the video is Danni Daniels.
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