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Nina Arsenault's apocalyptic pin-up calendar

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Nina Arsenault's apocalyptic pin-up calendar

'I will not be erased,' Toronto artist says
Nina Arsenault’s 2013 calendar, Whore of Babalon, isn’t for everyone. And that’s exactly how she wants it.
“There is also this whole other part of the community that are ignored because of ageism,” she says. “We’re [middle-aged] and older, and we have a right to express our sexualities . . . the Whore of Babalon calendar [is] not for 18-year-old faggots.
“I will not be erased. I will not erase my sexuality or my artistic output because it’s not serving someone in high school who is having trouble coming out in his Catholic school.”
The calendar is a collection of graphic images of Arsenault done by photographers and pornographers such as Bruce LaBruce, Istvan Kantor, Jordan Tannahill, Drasko Bogdanovic and Peter Tamlin.
On Arsenault’s website the calendar is described as “the apocalyptic erotic landscape of a woman who has given herself to a thousand men, a thousand more, and then a thousand times a thousand.”
The calendar, available online for about $70, can be shipped in three to five business days.
Below is an interview with Arsenault. Watch it to find out why she will not be erased. 

Nina Arsenault, Whore of Babalon calendar 2013, from Xtra on Vimeo.

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BRAVO Nina Arsenault
Good god, how on EARTH is a calendar worth $70? is this a joke?
@Casual Browser
In the Xtra photos, Nina Arsenault's smile and white make-up do look like the smiles and white make-up of the female models in the Joker's Smilex commercial from the movie Batman. Was that Arsenault's inspiration? See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNe8Am8BGk0
An Observation of No Import
If Jack Nicholson's Joker had had sister, she might have looked very much like the Arsenault in the photo posted in the article. She seems very unpleasant to me.
Art projects, not gender warriors
I actually quite enjoy post-human performance artists like Arsenault and Amanda Lepore. Their quasi-cybernetic, dystopian-future art projects clearly can't be interpreted as mere “gender.”
ARSE —is the operative word in Arsenault
Eeeeeeouuu...ARSE —is the operative word in Arsenault. Everything she says is ridiculous —trying to be deep, but not succeeding. She is without talent and disgusting. Her big fake cow boobs are hanging off her like shopping bags full of cantaloupes slung around her neck —not part of her body. Everything about her is fake and disgusting. Something created in a lab. “FrankeNina.” I have not been 18 in decades, have several university degrees, I have seen a lot of different kinds of art around the world, —but I just don’t get this stupid shit... Why do we have to be subjected to this stomach turning crap? I just lost my appetite for several days. She should market herself as a weight loss “guru.” Simply showing herself or image would cause people to lose weight by vomiting and/or losing their appetite. Lets get rid of the T in LGB. This is cheap sensationalism at its worst and of the lowest skill level and quality of performance. This is not theatre, it is an ambush. Slow newsweek XTRA?
the new Craig Russell
I lurve that Nina A has reached the drag queen stage/age where she is pulling a Craig Russell doing bald kabuki at the Royal York! Or a Divine in Female Trouble, face covered in acid scars, mohawk hairdo and skintight jumpsuit smacking herself in the face with a fish while jumping on a trampoline. All screaming Drag is Art dammit! Look at me suffering for my art/life/sex/glug. Bets are Nina will marry a bio woman within the next year. ps ditch the chest balloons - they look old fashioned.
If it's only one thing...
If it's only one thing that I take away from this interview, it's that she is absolutely correct in suggesting that not all of our artistic output and theory has to serve ''queer'' teens and their comming out problems. Don't get me wrong, helping some little nancy fairy come out in high-school isn't bad but, this constant focus on them, I feel just feeds into the entitlement that pervades our society and LGBT soceity esspecially.
Crap ? I don't think so !! this is brave work
I don't feel she is expressing more of a self hate, although that is part of the message isn't it ?. As a women I get these concepts she talks about , and applaud her deepening artistic endeavours.
This is not a path I would choose for my own expression , but I feel her integrity, and even in every small interview or snippit I see from Nina I take something away from that. She is doing real work and I think she is a courageous , thinking, woman. Thank you Nina for all you do .
Arsenault is just another example for a no talent artist putting out crap and trying to explain the crap she produces. Her quote “We’re middle class and older, and we have a right to express our sexualities” that not sexualities she’s expressing more of a self hate. As the group she targeting we expect better that the garbage she pedaling


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