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Madonna and Anderson Cooper headline GLAAD Media Awards

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Madonna and Anderson Cooper headline GLAAD Media Awards

Who was naughty -- and who was nice?
The annual GLAAD Media Awards were handed out last night, March 16, in New York, with the highest profile award presented to Anderson Cooper by none other than Madonna.
Cooper received the Vito Russo Award for his work in the queer community. In his acceptance speech, he said that being gay is “one of the greatest blessings” of his life.
Madonna spent the night dressed in a Boy Scouts of America uniform to draw attention to the ongoing discrimination against gay Scouts and leaders who are banned from the organization.
Other award winners included the television show Smash, which won for Outstanding Drama Series. How to Survive a Plague won Outstanding Documentary, and The Amazing Race won for Outstanding Reality Program.

Below are video interviews with some of the evening's attendees, including June Shannon (Honey Boo Boo’s mother), actor Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), actor Wesley Taylor (Smash), Mallory Hagan (Miss America) and Minnesota Vikings football player Chris Kluwe
The GLAAD Media Awards continue in Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year.


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Why Does Coming Out Make Gayness Obligatory?
I wish that it didnt seem like letting people know that you happen to be gay meant you were obligated to represent Gayness as a culture. Before Anderson Cooper came out, he was a News Anchor and a Reporter. After he came out, his entire personality seems to have been flattened out to Gay Celebrity Icon like everyone else.

I detest Gayification... Straight men dont define themselves as Straight first and everything else second. Thats why I rarely if ever mention Im gay and PREFER that people not know. Not because I expect to be persecuted, but because I feel that it would reduce my personality to That Gay Guy.
An insult to the intelligence of those involved
I have to agree with Andrew Brett of QuAIA and the AIDS Committee of Toronto. The part of Madonna's speech at the GLAAD Media Awards on how peace could supposedly be achieved between Israelis and Palestinians was simplistic and an insult to the intelligence of those involved.
Madonna & Anderson on YouTube
Madonna speaks:


Anderson Cooper accepts his award:

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