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Fab magazine's sexy beards shoot

Arts & Entertainment

Fab magazine's sexy beards shoot

Hot, hairy and masculine
In the video below, Phil Villeneuve, editor of Fab magazine, speaks with the men behind the magazine’s sexy cover shoot.
“I had to really think about why people like beards," says Michael Yerxa, who wrote the accompanying story. “And I sort of learned that it comes from people wanting to grab hold of their masculinity.”

The photos, which are sure to heat up your January, were taken by photographer Jamo Best. 
Fab's beards edition hits the streets Jan 16. Or you can view it on Fab's website

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Men with beards like this make me think of Islamists, Hassidic Jews, or Old-order Amish. Gross!
From Hair To Eternity
Hey William V - beards are neither hetero nor homosexual...they're MALE, period. You sound like the type of hairless threatened dweeb who needs to politicize everything. Go hang out at your local men's fragrance counter at The Bay, and let dudes do their thing, would ya?
I love it!!!
I love this men with beards and hairy!!!
beards balls and ballet its all good
Willi-girl. You femme out to your little pink heart's content. Some of us like the secondary male sex characteristics (beards, hairiness) as much as we like the primary ones (dick, balls, prostate, hello!). I have not heard your kind of femme complaint for a while -- it sounds old fashioned, parental and prissy. You may prefer a lady man and there are lots out there for you. Don't rain on our fetish. Thanks.
Desperate need for masculinity?
This article and the story are both ridiculous. While I appreciate men with facial hair the fetishizing of beards in the Fab article is detrimental to the gay community. The need for this overt expression of masculinity is rooted in the desire of these individuals, or at least Michael Yerxa (who is the author of the article), to associate with or mimic the masculine heterosexual norm. The desire for a beard for aesthetic reasons is understandable; the need to demonstrate masculinity in such an overt manner is not. Congratulations on attempting to further fracture the minimal gay community that exists.
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