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Degrassi's gay and trans characters continue in new episodes

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Degrassi's gay and trans characters continue in new episodes

Homophobic real world too bizarre for actors
The gay-friendly series Degrassi deals with real-life issues like sex, drugs and bullying. But the real world can sometimes be a bit too bizarre to believe, even for the actors who play the show's queer characters.

“That is kind of unfathomable,” says Annie Clark, who plays Fiona, when asked what she thinks of Ontario Catholic schools ban on gay-straight alliances. 

The second half of Degrassi's 11th season begins Feb 24, airing at 9pm on MuchMusic. The new episodes include Fiona, the lipstick lesbian, and Adam, the first trans character to make his way onto mainstream TV.

The Canadian production was recently nominated for a GLAAD award for Outstanding Drama Series.

Below is an Xtra video interview with actors Annie Clark and Jordan Todosey on the Degrassi set.

For more on Degrassi, click here.

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Waah fucking wah
Not allowing a straight person to play a GLBT character on a TV show? That sounds like the ridiculous claims that a GLBT person can't really play a heterosexual character. And hey, the actors in this show are still young who knows who they might enjoy sleeping with when they get older.
GLBT directors don't want real GLBT actors!
I agree, femme; unfortunately a lot of the gay production managers don't want the truth when it comes to representing the GLBT community, they want the 'best looking' to bring forward this illusion that we are indeed affluent, attractive, young, and never alone. The reality is that many of us have no money, no partner, serious addictions/homeless issues yet nobody wants to address that because it takes away from 'the party is always happenin' in the GLBT world!' fantasy. The GLBT community, especially now, can't differentiate from the glossy fantasy in magazines (while using young str8 actors and models to represent us) and the stark reality, which is that gay people have the same issues and sometimes boring life as anyone else; marriage doesn't mean squat to those who are still trying to figure out how to go up to someone to ask them out (after being out for 15 years)...

Degrassi at least is trying, but yea, they could have used a real GLBT cast member, they could do a better job of using Native Canadian actors as well (they have one of everybody else!) but I think the show is becoming more and more popular...moreso among adults than high school kids!
Yes But.......
Anyone else wonder why a Toronto based show can't be bothered to actually really use a lesbian and a guy who is transsexed? It's not like there is a large amount of them around or anything.

Yet another show that has missed a great opportunity to help create true positive role models rather then pretend ones.

I mean imagine some young guy, born with transsexualism, being able to see someone else like him on the screen and be able to point to his parents/family and say see. Or just being able to feel good inside. (I remember what it was like growing up and not seeing positive people of colour on the screen. Black people mostly playing the sex workers and pimps.)

For queers right now it's about only being somewhat represented. Don't get me wrong it's nice they are doing it but there are so many talented queer youth out there.
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