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Brad Goreski on how to beat the bullies

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Brad Goreski on how to beat the bullies

Reality star would rather be called 'fag' than wear jeans and T-shirt
Brad Goreski spent his early years dealing with bullies in small-town Ontario. He ate his lunch in stairwells and had his mom drive him to school so he could avoid taking the school bus. Now, the bow-tie-wearing fashion fella is a reality star and the toast of the style world. 
“For a while I tried to blend in with everybody, and it didn’t really work,” said the author of Born to be Brad during a recent publicity tour. “I was morbidly unhappy.”
“And I would rather now somebody yell ‘fag’ at me on the street when I’m dressed like this than I would wearing jeans and a T-shirt, because I’d rather just be myself.”
In the below interview, Goreski, who first came to fame when he was featured in The Rachel Zoe Project, talks to Xtra about bullying and how he suggest kids deal with bullies.
For more on Goreski, click here

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Great piece, though
Brad Goreski's a fun guy.
Third Brandenburg, redux?
It's past time to find music a little more contemporary for culture clips. The first few bars of Bach's third Brandenburg were fun for awhile in 1721 but it gets old quickly.
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