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The best advertising campaigns are always creative. Consider the size, shape and appearance of the ad spot that best fits the design element of your ad campaign. And choosing multiple ad spots on a page is a great way to create high visual impact.

Review the Advertising options and click on the link for each ad to see an example of an actual webpage.

Leaderboard – 728x90

The Leaderboard is a high-visibility banner spot running at both the top and bottom of every page on DailyXtra.com. Rich media capabilities allow you to make your ad campaign jump out even more.

Show me the Leaderboard

Expanding Leaderboard – 728x90 to 728x315

Like the Leaderboard, the expanding Leaderboard is located at the top of every page on Daily Xtra. When a user moves over your ad, it will expand in size and then shrink back to its original size when the user moves off the ad.

Show me the Expanding Leaderboard

Super Leaderboard – 970x90

Supersize your Leaderboard ad for even more visibility. The Super Leaderboard is wider than the regular Leaderboard, filling the entire width of the website edge to edge. The Super Leaderboard is also available in the leaderboard footer position.

Show me the Super Leaderboard

Wallpaper – 1290x800

The Wallpaper banner appears on each side of the web-page, filling the surrounding background area of the browser window. This is a highly visible ad spot perfect for colour, logo or image branding.

Show me the Wallpaper ad

Wraparound –1290x800 plus 970x90

The Wraparound combines the Wallpaper and the Super Leaderboard to create a single banner ad surrounding the entire upper portion of the home-page.

Show me the Wraparound ad

Sponsored Content

Tap into readers’ natural browsing instincts with an ad spot in the form of an article. Our Sponsored Content spots let you control the message in an article format, appearing in the article section of the site.

Show me the Sponsored Content ad

Sponsored Text Link

Our text links appear on every page of the site and are integrated into the content flow of the page. Each text link area holds only three text ads, each with a title line, a description line and a URL line. Text link ads have high click-through rates and are a great way to generate traffic to your site. Text links are great advertising options on their own but even better when combined with a banner campaign.

Show me the Text Link ad

Big Box – 300x250

One of the most popular online banner spots, our Big Box ad appears on every page and is located in various positions on the page as well as within our image gallery section.

Show me the Big Box ad

Expanding Big Box – 300x250 to 600x250

When a user’s mouse hovers over your Big Box ad it expands to 600x250 pixels. And when the user moves off the ad it returns to its original size of 300x250.

Show me the Expanding Big Box ad

Rectangle 3:1 Banner – 300x100

The rectangle banner is a popular ad size and is visible on every page.

Show me the Rectangle 3:1 ad

For pricing and specifications for each of the above ad spots, please contact our advertising department.
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